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What nail is perfect for summer? The answer is the rainbow nail. For the rainbow nail, the nails can feature any design but the art will be created with bright rainbow colors. It is a fantastic style that is perfect for the summer.The bright rainbow colors are very attractive for any nail shapes too. We love this colorful trend so we collect 25 amazing rainbow nail designs . Take a look and you will find square rainbow nails, coffin rainbow nails, sparkly nails, vivid rainbow designs and more. There is a vibrant nail idea to suit everyone!   1.Square Rainbow Nail Designs The square rainbow nail is very simple, and there are so many different nail designs. You can make each nail painted in a different vibrant color and the shades range from green to pink. The colors are matte or glossy. You can recreate the rainbow by the colors on your nail and you will fall in love with the nail, other nails you can make them nude or blue colors. Of course, you can also use the dots to make the rainbow nails, which will look stunning this summer. 2.Coffin Rainbow Nail Designs If the square nail designs are not for you, then choose something simple and colorful like these coffin nails below. The long coffin nails are painted in a different color. The shades used are so vibrant and bold. They are also five colors of the rainbow too. It is an easy to wear look that is simple to create. And you can also create the rainbow image on one nail and others painted with blue color or other colors. This will suit everyone. 3.Almond Rainbow Nail Designs Here we have many bold and beautiful almond nail ideas to show you. The nails are painted in five different vibrant shades that include pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. We love this look because the colors remind us of candy. You can easily recreate this manicure with five bright colors just make sure they are vivid shades. If you do not like each nail has a color, then you should check this one, each nail is a nude color while the tips have a super cute rainbow design! By having the colors on just the tips, it creates a subtler look. You can hand-paint the rainbow stripes with different nail colors and a thin brush. If you are not confident with this, then maybe use nail tape to create the different stripe sections. 4.Stiletto Rainbow Nail Designs Make a statement with these nail ideas below. These nails are long and stiletto shaped. Each of the nails is painted in two vivid shades which creates a bold rainbow gradient. You can find tutorials online that can give you step by step instructions for creating gradients. We love these nails – this look is one of our favorites! The bright colors will be perfect for the summer. 5.Cute Rainbow Nail Designs As we know that rainbow nails are very cute with these bright colors. And there are so many designs with the rainbow nails, you can make all your finger nails with the rainbow colors, which will proud for you to rock this summer. Or you can use glitter to decorate your nails and they will shine your summer. Share This358Shares